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Have you heard? We now have NEW NDAA “8D” 4K cameras! And beyond the resolution upgrade, we have also added NDAA compliance and our 5-year premium customer care warranty. So what are you waiting for?�

The products below will help you find out even more about these shiny new products and give us a shout either through phone or email if you’d like a personal walkthrough of the product.

CBI8D33IW StarNET Outdoor Bullet 8MP (3.3mm Lens)
CBI8D13IFWH StarNet MFZ Outdoor Bullet 8MP (2.7-13.5mm Lens)
CDI8D13VIFWH StarNET MFZ Outdoor Dome 8MP (2.7-13.5mm Remote Focus)
CDI8D33VIW StarNET Outdoor Dome 8MP (3.3mm Remote Focus)
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