NEXPA has been awarded the Electronic Parking System(EPS) & Parking Guidance System(PGS) contract for Capital Land’s Raffles city in Singapore. Raffles City Singapore is an integrated development located in the downtown core, at the fringe of Singapore’s Central Business District, and within the Civic and Cultural District. The prime landmark is served by three Metro lines and is directly connected to City Hall and Esplanade stations. Raffles City Singapore comprises Raffles City Shopping Centre, Raffles City Tower, Raffles City Convention Centre and Raffles City Hotel. With this landmark development, came a significant rise in visitors as well as increased traffic and congestion in the parking lot. To accommodate this traffic, the Raffles City chose to implement NEXPA’s smart parking system to upgrade each customer’s parking journey and ensure that their outstanding experience starts in the car park.

 The number of parking spaces in Raffles City is plan to total 1,020 lot. As part of Capital Land’s effort to enhance community experience, NEXPA’s Uni-Directional IP CAM sensor will serve to detect, recognize vehicle with license plate number, manage and increase operational efficiency with its Parking Guidance System. NEXPA offers comprehensive parking guidance and car park surveillance systems through the single framework and enables virtually unmanned day to day operations. It also forms the basis for “Find-my-car” and other kiosks. This feature is essential for customer convenience at larger parking lots like the Changi International Airport & Changi Jewel Mall.

Through the common interfaces of the central car-park management server, all data from the sub-components will be collected, processed and presented in the form of overall, detailed parking status, reports, graphical representation of the most updated parking lot status on the floor maps with different colors.

Customers will enjoy a special comfort with the “Find-my-car” function. If a customer can’t remember exactly on which of the thousands of parking spaces his car is parked, he only needs to use one of the NEXPA kiosks. The Find-My-Car service provides parking location information such as the floor and the zone with entry time. This delicate user-friendly solution will give satisfaction to the users and help Raffles City to maintainits top position. NEXPA also can provide the API for mobile application development.

Looking back to our experience in other projects all over the world, our solution is able to provide high accuracy which hits 99% on reading and recognizing plate numbers. With this high accuracy, NEXPA has various performance records such as Changi International Airport project, Kuala Lumpur International Airport project, Incheon International Airport project, Sengkang General Hospital project. NEXPA has a competitive edge in winning projects through outstanding partnership with local technology partners who have the ability to carry out those projects and a number of construction experiences.

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